Friday, May 08, 2009

Getting a little carb love

This week has been interesting so far in terms of nutrition. Monday I just did my normal thing, sticking to 1500 calories, and aiming for around 40% carbs, 35% protein and 25% fat. It actually came out to 48/42/20, but close enough....

Tuesday I went PN, still 1500 Cals, but switching most of my starches for other carbs: fruit, extra veggies, some dairy, keeping in my post-training breakfast oats. I felt the need for some sweet potato with dinner, so threw that in as well and ended up with 36% carbs at the end of the day. Hmm. It's quite hard to get enough carbs in when you drop starch back. Wednesday was similar - I upped my oats from 40g to 50g, ate masses of veggies and plenty of fruit, and ended up at 36% again.

Wednesday night I knew I was already carb-depleted. I was cold and snappy and my dinner of marinated lamb with salad and a yoghurt dressing, while delicious, barely touched the sides. But I hung out, knowing I had a high-starch day on Thursday.

So yesterday I got through this lot:

1. 40g oats, whey, skim milk, walnuts
2. Rice thins with cottage cheese and tomato (too lazy to be creative with this one)
3. Leftover chicken mini-roast ...mmm, stuffed with sundried tomatoes and pistachios... 150g sweet potato, plus most of a large bunch of asparagus
4. A sachet of quick oats, a small banana, whey, skim milk - that raised some eyebrows at the office. Breakfast? At 3:15pm? Ha! They should be used to my "weirdness" by now...

I got home just before 6:00 and knew that I was still depleted. What IS going on? My body seems to be burning through carbohydrate like nobody's business. Dinner was only about 45 minutes away, but I needed something NOW. So, the rest of my meals turned out like this:

5. 4 rice thins with honey
6. Raspberry-balsamic chicken with baked potato (cut down the potato portion just a little to compensate for the pre-dinner extra snack), broccoli and carrot
7. My much-anticipated Chocolate Dream.

2000+ Calories, 240g of carbs - almost 50% all up. I know I got it just right, because after all that food, I just felt pleasantly satisfied, not stuffed. Weight's up only 200g today too; I expected more. And my workout really rocked this morning.

The scales have been tracking downward, with a 600g drop recorded to Wednesday - reduced to 400g now, which is all good. So I'm back to PN for a couple of days, then Sunday I'll up the carbs again. That fits perfectly with Mothers' Day, since I'll be out for lunch.

Let's see what the next few days bring. This experimenting thing is fun.


By the way, those Chocolate Dream thingies? I don't know the exact nutritional stats, but mine weighed 64g and I estimated it contained about 240 Cals. Maybe I'm being conservative, it could be more like 300. Anyway, compare that to some of the muffins you can get that weigh in at around 170-180g, and contain 600-800 Calories.

That's a completely ridiculous amount of food for one person, especially for a snack. And probably more than a third of the calories an average woman would require for an entire day.

Just something to think about....


LizN said...

Funny you should mention muffins - I took Sarah to Muffin Break and we shared a muffin - I had about a 1/3 and just out of interest I looked up the stats. I was stunned to see 400 and something cals there.

Give that a wide berth from now on!
comment word today - blingle!

Kek said...

Blingle? Is that what happens when two Figure girls bump into each other?

Trixie said...

Hmm,it is fun to experiment! That's interesting what you found in regards to taking starchy carbs away. What is your reasoning behind it? Does the scale go down more when you drop the starch?
Do you still be the calories the same??
BTW: Where do you found that Chocolate Dream thingies?? Did you make it??

Kek said...

Trixie, the Chocolate Dream comes from a bakery chain, no work involve din that AT ALL, except for a quick 10 seconds in the microwave. :p

I have a half-written post on the carb thing...will try to get it up soon.

Trixie said...

Thanks Kerryn,can't wait for your response:)

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