Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to cure a bad mood

Yesterday sucked for no reason at all, other than being a bit tired and probably hormonal. Whatever, it was no fun for me, and probably less for my family. So my plan was to have a good night's sleep last night, and hope that today would be better.

Yeah, about that sleep thing.... between Bike Boy's snoring, my nose bleeding, then totally blocking up - oh, and there was the really irritating whistling thing it was doing too - I might have got 5 hours or so in between interruptions. Blah. I woke up SUPER grumpy - not what I'd planned on.

I could have indulged my inner misery-guts, and moped around being a pain in the butt. Instead, I made a snap decision to go to the gym straight after I finished with my 9:00am client. A change in routine, yeah - that's what I needed!

I trained chest and biceps (awesome!), did a little posing, and then decided to do some cardio too. The housework could wait a bit longer's still waiting.

I did another of my improvised on the spot workouts:

Quick warm up on treadmill, then run for 5 minutes.
10 bench jumps, then 10 pushups with feet on a medicine ball
Run 5 minutes
Walking lunges with med ball rotation for the length of the room, then "running man" with hands on bench x 50.
Run 5 minutes
Jump on a spin bike and do hill climbs - 30 seconds standing, 30 seconds seated, 30 seconds recovery - repeat x 5
Back on the treadmill, brisk walk for 2 minutes to let HR descend from redline to just FAST.
Slow treadmill and do walking lunges 1 minute, followed by side shuffle 30 seconds each side.
Normal walk to cool down.

The flood of endorphins is doing a nice job of banishing my grumpiness. Let's hope it lasts all day....

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Unknown said...

That's what I like to hear! Well done on beating the blues!

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