Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to win the war

Winning a war doesn't usually depend on the outcome of one BIG mofo of a battle. It's a long, painful, tedious series of smaller battles, slowly chipping away at the enemy, pushing their front line back further and further, until one day, you've liberated Poland. Or whatever your goal may have been.

Physique goals are a bit like that too. You set your sights on the (big) outcome you want, but to get there, you have to fight a lot of small battles along the way. Each one you win gets you a teensy step closer to declaring victory. Sometimes you lose a battle, or at least declare a truce for a short while. You haven't lost the war, but you might have to retreat and come up with a new strategy for your next attack.

Keeping sight of the big picture is important, but so is acknowledging the small wins along the way.

Today's battle went like this:

I had a bad, BAD night's sleep. After a pretty undisturbed night on Tuesday, I thought I was safe to attempt sleeping actually lying down, so I ditched the umpteen pillows I've been propping myself up on and - ah, bliss! - settled down horizontally for the night. Ha! Stoopid.

I woke with a blocked-up nose and nasty dry mouth approximately eleventy-thousand times during the night. So when my alarm went off at 5:30, there was no WAY I was getting up. Sheesh. You can't train on no sleep, let alone get through the day. I hit snooze and dozed. The alarm went off again nine minutes later. Once again, I hit snooze. Then I lay there and had a mental argument with myself.

Gah! I need sleep.
But you need to train.
But I need sleep. I can reset the alarm for 7:00 and get another hour and a bit.
You know you won't sleep. Might as well get up.
Noooooo! Don't wanna!
You already missed four days of training thanks to surgery. Don't waste an opportunity.
Shut UP.
Come, on you'll feel better after.
La-la-la...not listening!
Do you wanna be FABulous or FLABulous?
Eff off!

I lie there awake and grumpy for a minute or two. *sigh* I get up and do my leg workout.

My inner athlete won that round.

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ss2306 said...

Sleep - it's overrated and plenty of time for that when you're dead.

I'm not doing too well in that department either but not allowing it to stop me from training, which is rocking. So.... don't dwell on it just get your arse out of bed and do it. You know you'll feel better for it.

Did you like that little boot up the butt?

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