Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kek: 1, Gargoyle: Nil

My nosebleeds have once again become a BIG problem, and this week I got fed up and decided that I needed to get an emergency appointment with my ENT specialist.

This is no easy feat; his receptionist is an old battle-axe who guards the "Mister's" appointment book like some kind of evil gargoyle, whose sole job it is to keep patients at bay. I'm sorry, he has no appointment times available for three months is the usual line.

Never one to admit defeat, I laid it on nice and thick when I rang on Monday, got through her defences, and she booked me in for today. Score!

Now, thanks to the magic of silver nitrate, there's no sign of a bleed on the immediate horizon. I have a slightly sore and drippy nose (but at least my front teeth are no longer numb) and I'm booked in for a surgical solution on the 22nd.

It's a small bump in the road, but at least I'm getting it out of the way before comp prep begins. AND I don't have to report to the hospital till 12:30, so I get to have breakfast, and I can still train.



Raechelle said...

Ouch! bummer! So, what is the CAUSE of the nose bleeds? Have they figured that out?

Sara said...

Good on you. Sometimes you do have to throw a wobbly to get some action from the medical system. BTW, your stuff will be in the mail on Monday. I have to get an updated certificate of origin for the WPC. Sending dairy into Australia isn't all that easy.. stupid draconian regulatory beaurocrats (is that a speeling mistkae?)

Kek said...

Raechelle, it's Osler's disease (very boring and unfortunately incurable unless they can go back in time and re-program my DNA)

Sara, thanks luvvie!

As for the Gargoyle, I've renamed her the Door Bitch. ;o)

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