Friday, May 22, 2009

Killer mice

Me: Eeeeeeeeek! A MOUSE!!! It ran into the linen cupboard!!

Runs into The Baby's room, slams the door shut (yeah, like they can't get under a door...) and jumps onto the bed.

The Baby is looking at me like I've lost my mind.

Me: What? WHAT?

Me: They CAN kill you, you know.


Toni said...

oin the club :wink: One night last week master 4 was sent to the bottom step for a few minutes for misbehaving. The rest of us were sitting at the dinner table chatting. Next thing we hear is "I see a mouse, I see a mouse, I see a rat"! Yep a little mouse ran out from the kitchen area to the cupboard under the stairs. We trapped it in there (or so we thought) put in a dish of rat sack (this is not our first mouse). The next night we hear scratching under the 3rd step, DH is very uncomfortable ( :lol: :lol: ) Saturday afternoon we pull everything out from under the cupboard, guess what? No mouse! It had scratched it's way through the plaster, hole was able the size of a 20c coin. $220 paid to the pest control man a few days ago, we now have bait boxes everywhere. I feel sorry for them as we have built on their land but I do wish they'd go elsewhere.

Kek said...

Sounds like $220 well spent to me! Poor DH...I don't blame him a bit. Lucky he's not married to me though, we'd be useless against the ferocious mice.


Toni said...

Lol, ferocious indeed ;-) There is nothing funnier than seeing my 6'6" husband standing in the middle of the family room with a broom in his hand on full alert, lol, lol.... or going to bed early to watch telly because he's so on edge downstairs.

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