Thursday, May 14, 2009

Legs? .....What legs?

I needed a new weights program this week, so I hunted through my old program stuff from Miss Liz and picked out a favourite. At least I thought it was a favourite, until I actually DID the leg workout this morning.

Was I insane? That routine is just plain cruel! LOL.

I had to do a bit of improvisation, given that I don't have a leg press or a leg curl machine handy, but since I can't feel my legs now, I figure it did the job.

Today's menu included:

High-rep squats with one heavy dumbbell
Heavy, HEAVY single-leg cycling (that was a bit of inspired thinking!)
Bulgarian split squat with a heavy DB
Stability ball single leg hamstring curls
Some rolling planks

Doesn't sound like much, but MAN! I was having major second thoughts about the cycling thing before the end of the first set. Those suckers are tough. Had to actually back off the resistance to get through the third set.

Now, why did I think that was a favourite again?


I'm quite enjoying being creative with my training. I can handle most things with my home set-up, but it's challenging to come up with alternatives for some exercises. It must be good for the grey matter!


Trixie said...

Hmm,sounds could. I have been looking for a good leg routine? What are HEAVY single-leg cycling??
How many reps do you do per exercise?

Kek said...

Reps are a bit of a mixture with this. I do 20s for the squats, 8s for most of the rest, but I was aiming for 20 revolutions each side with the cycling.

Just crank the resistance up as high as it'll go. Then back off a bit if you can't move the pedal. LOL.

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