Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Also. This morning I rigged up a fabulous assisted pull-up gizmo using my power rack and a resistance band.

I'm a genius!

OK, so I stole the idea from somewhere or other..... Anyway, if you have a bar at home or at a nearby park and want to try it, it goes something like this:

(See, Linda, those "wussy" bands are AWESOME)

So my upper body workout went like this:

Chin ups (unassisted)
Chin ups (assisted)
Incline bench press
Reverse flyes
Inverted rows
Tri push downs
Incline hammer curls

Can't wait to test out my invention on a client or two.... :o)


Sara said...

I also do this


If it slips off your foot it can thwang you something wicked in the nose, or chin.


Kek said...

I discovered that already. Yow!

Unknown said...

Ok Ok! I'm impressed!!!

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