Saturday, May 23, 2009

The prescription:

Equipment required:
1 comfy couch
1 fake-fur blankie
1 laptop
1 TV
4 DVDs
1 new magazine
1 pair reading glasses

Mix the above with a liberal dose of peace and quiet (a.k.a. locking oneself in the Retreat) and do not move for the afternoon.

If Panadol, water, coffee or food is required, summon a minion to deliver it stat.


I slept badly, I have a headache, my face is flushed and hot and my nose is so swollen it's just stopped working altogether. Yep, all just as expected.

I'll be back to training on Monday and hopefully back to more or less normal in a week. "The cranky" though? That might last a bit longer....


Jadey said...

Aww babe I'm right there with you. I hope you recover quickly! xox

Unknown said...

- poor you .Hope you're feeling heaps better by now

Toni said...

oh, hope you are feeling better today. Had no idea you were unwell :-(

Shauna said...

Poor Kekster! Hope you are doing okay now xxox

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