Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recipe alert!

The cupboard and freezer were a bit bare tonight - supplies are a little run down at the moment and we desperately need to do some shopping on the weekend. So....what to cook for dinner?

After looking in the freezer for the seventeenth time and discovering that a gourmet four-course, just-heat-and-serve meal hadn't materialised after all, I had to come up with Plan B, and fast. Hungry boys were getting more than a little restless.... The kitchen freezer contained not a lot more than two sausages and a heap of hamburgers. I threw those in a pan, plonked them on a plate accompanied by a pair of tongs, a bottle of tomato sauce and half a loaf of bread, and announced that they were having "indoor barbeque" for dinner. I'm a genius. ;o)

What to cook for Bike Boy and I was a bit trickier. We had four kinds of mince in the garage freezer, a bag of frozen beans in the indoor freezer and some dried bean thread vermicelli up the back of the pantry. I put on my thinking cap and in less than half an hour came up with:

Chicken mince with noodles and green beans.

Tummy and taste buds are satisfied, Bike Boy asked for an extra helping, and there's leftovers for his lunch tomorrow. Win!


I acquired a new gadget today - a slow cooker. I'm expecting some fab recipes from Sara now. Come on, share.... I know you're experienced at this slow stuff.

It's one of these - BIG and shiny:

Tomorrow I plan to have a go at a Moroccan tagine. Chicken. Spices, apricots, some almonds perhaps. Maybe with chick peas. I'll report back.

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Valley Girl said...

Kek, that sounded absolutley yummy ( your slap ) together tonight & what your cooking tommorrow, can I come for tea~ HA!

McCormick have a huge slow cooker range for the slow cooker, and have just brought out slow cooker soups & cassoroles, which Ive yet to try but there in supermarkets now if you want to try those...

Slow cookers are the bomb, it will make your life so much less stressed & you pop it on before you go to work, and no more hunting around in the freezers...


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