Friday, May 15, 2009

Recipe alert!

I'm on a roll with recipes; two in two days! :p

The new slow cooker is possibly the best gadget I've bought in a long while. I think this is the beginning of a long winter love affair. Today I got all creative and came up with Casablanca Chicken.

Bike Boy gave it the thumbs-up, and has plans to make me beef and potato curry, beef Marrakesh, goulash, osso bucco ...anyone seeing a bovine trend here? *rolls eyes* My iron levels are FINE!

Anyway, I think you can expect more casseroles over the coming weeks.



Trixie said...

It's always nice to be inspired again!Looking forward to some new recipes!

LizN said...

bows head

I have nothing to ask you about cooking my friend, only to tell you that chook is getting a go in my slow cooker today...after I'm done making Veal Paprikash :) I can email that recipe if you like.

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