Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yesterday I apparently woke up with a personality disorder. There can be no other explanation for my sudden desire to DO THE IRONING. Whaaaat? Ironing? Me?

I figured since it rarely (never) happens, I should just go with it, and worked like a demon to get through:

7 shirts, blouses and tops (mine)
1 short-sleeved cardigan** (mine)
1 pair of pants (mine)
1 LBD (obviously, mine)
7 casual shirts (Bike Boy's)
1 business shirt (Bike Boy's)
At least 20 hankies (Bike Boy's)
4 more shirts (Number One Son's)
Yet another shirt (The Middle Child's)

Nothing for The Baby. He is officially now my favourite child.

So, you know that no-shopping pledge of mine? Who needs new clothes anyway? I now have a wardrobe full of stuff I'd forgotten I even owned.

Today I'm happy to report that all desire to do anything vaguely domestic has vanished. Phew. Back to normal.

**I know exactly how long THIS has been in the ironing basket - I wore it to The Oaks last year. *hangs head*

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