Monday, May 25, 2009

Will the excitement EVER stop?

I've been lying low, since I feel like a trampled dog turd and I prefer not to inflict my misery on everyone else. Except my family: they just have to suffer. :o)

Somehow, I always forget just how bad the after-effects of nasal cautery actually are. Glossing over the nasties, let's just say I haven't exactly been a little ray of sunshine. Sleep would be a really good thing, if I could only get some.

On top of that, we have two children with head colds and a swine flu scare at The Baby's school (which is freaking Bike Boy out way more than me ....he's following the kids around with a thermometer. Seriously).

So my weekend has been fabulous. How about yours?


On the plus side, it IS our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary today, and Bike Boy cooked me a Chinese banquet on Saturday night, because Monday is a really crap day to have any kind of celebration.

What did I give him? The pleasure of my sunny company. Ha!


Training is not happening and probably won't till Wednesday the way I'm going. I optimistically thought I'd be back to it today....yep. Not happening.

I'm about to go loll around on the couch again with some Buffy DVDs. Life's not all bad, see?

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ss2306 said...

Hope the nose gets sorted out soon which lifts your grumpy mood.

Happy Anniversary! Hope you get a mind blowing one (lol).

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