Thursday, June 18, 2009


Wednesday eventually ended, thank goodness, and in spite of feeling a little ill and a lot cranky (which seemed to be going around), it ended pretty well. Training was done, nutrition was right on track and nobody died. I'd call that a successful day.

This morning I was up early and got stuck into my leg workout. I'm feeling the love now.... Also, I got 7.5 hours sleep, and whatever lurgy was brewing yesterday has retreated. Yay for an awesome immune system!

Weight is not behaving quite as I expect - no idea what's up with that - but it iS on the way down. Slowly. (Come ON scales, where's that whoosh?)

Today I choose to have a good day. Just to be sure, I'm giving it the official seal:

Feel free to join me in having a brilliant Thursday. :o)


Tearose said...

Hi Kek, I just wanted to let you know I really love your blog, yesterday was crappy for me too! I will join you in making today awesome :)

Cherub said...

You can't see as many rainbows as I have today and not have a good day.

Rainbows make me smile.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kek - just sending you smiles x

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