Saturday, June 06, 2009


Awesome: Oats and whey and walnuts and skim milk for brekky.
Not awesome: The bug that decided to go swimming in my bowl of oats.

Awesome: Learning to do upside-down hanging ab raises yesterday.
Not awesome: The crippling DOMS that set in today.

Awesome: Sitting in the kitchen, sipping a coffee and chatting to your beloved while something yummy simmers in the slow cooker.
Not awesome: Almost having a heart attack when a freaking MOUSE runs through the kitchen. Eeeeeeek!!

Awesome: The people you meet through the internet.
Not awesome: Absolutely nothing at all about that...


Kathryn said...

Hey a bug in your oats = extra protein and that's pretty awesome (and low fat too).

Clara said...

You so need a cat. Then you can have someone bring you the mouse. ;) I have a perfectly useful large gray lump who would LOVE to come help you out.

SeLiNa said...

That mouse better be gone by the time I'm there. Actually I'll probably scare it away for good when I'm all tanned up with drag queen make-up. ;)

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