Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've had lower back issues for years. Lately though, it's not been bothering me at all - thanks to some great advice from Miss Liz, some fine work from my osteopath (who's now done a runner) and a lot of hard work over the past couple of years.

I still get the odd achey or stiff day, but nothing I can't handle. So today when I woke up all stiff and creaky through the right SIJ region, I didn't worry too much. I did my prehab exercises like a good girl, then moved onto my weights workout.

Deadlifts were first up. I was cautious, warming up with only 30kg. That went OK, so for the next set I upped it to 40kg. Pfft. Easy. I increased to 50kg for my next two sets - I know can lift more, but since DLs haven't been on the menu for some time, I figure it's best to ease into it, work up to the heavier weights.

I got through those, then moved onto suitcase deadlifts and plate squats. Not a peep out of my dicky lumbar spine. So I grabbed a barbell for some push presses. I dip, drive upwards and hold ....hmm, a bit clicky. Then I start to lower the bar and OUCH. My back screams at me - I think it was saying something along the lines of "FFS! What do you think you're DOING?"

I reset myself, brace abs carefully and make sure my form is OK before trying again. I get the bar maybe a quarter of the way up before I decide that this is a very bad idea.

I've stretched and rolled around on a tennis ball tonight, and hopefully things will right themselves overnight. If not, I may actually have to do something about finding a new osteopath. Yeah, been meaning to do that for the past six months.

I really hate it when my body lets me down.


Vix said...

Oooowww Kek - I'm feeling your pain!! I hope it sorts itself out without too much drama xx

Maryanne said...

kek, in my Melbourne days I saw a GREAT guy in North Carlton - Dean Wright ex Aus. aerobics champion and a really nice guy! He works at a clinic called North Carlton Osteopathy. It's in Lygon St opposite the Melbourne Cemetery. Hope this is of some help to you.

Shar said...

Hope you wake up in a better place Kek!

Shar x

Unknown said...

Don't you just hate it when you get that 'moment' when you realised you should have stopped the one rep before?? Hope it's all ok Kerryn- a sore back is no picnic!

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