Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Today I'll be stuck in an all-day conference. Yawn. These things can drag on a bit, and boredom being one of my triggers for eating when not hungry, I'm always mindful of planning my meals extra-carefully in this kind of situation.

Yesterday afternoon I was roped into a supermarket expedition for coffee and supplies for morning and afternoon tea for today's event. So there I was at Safeway, loaded up with value packs of Family Assorteds AND Assorted Creams, along with the milk, sugar, coffee etc. Then we spot the special: Tim Tams, two for $4. In the basket they go.

Tim Tams. Mmm. I could work a couple of those into my meal plan, but do I really want to? On thinking about it, I decided that I actually don't. But I need something appealing to eat while everyone else is stuffing sugary, over-processed treats into their faces.

So last night I was organising my food for today. Chicken, veggies, an apple for lunch. Not exciting, but it'll do. A serve of yoghurt-berry crunch for one snack. Hmm, what to have for the other...? I definitely had bickies on my mind, so I baked a batch of Spiced Vanilla-Cranberry cookies.

They can have their Tim Tams and (ugh!) instant coffee. I'll be enjoying my cookies and lovely cup of green tea.


Training today? Chest and biceps. Done and dusted.

And again, a full, undisturbed, wonderful night of sleep. Aahh!


ss2306 said...

Those cookies look wickedly delicious!

Anonymous said...

glad you are sleeping better kekster!

as for the tim tams? i am truly blessed, for i could live in a tim tam TOWER, where every surface is lined with the disgustingly sweet things and never be tempted.

i am virtually immune to all biscuity type temptations. which is not a surprise, as i am more a savoury snack whore.

in fact, some people call me The Fromage Monster.


Bec said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to pop into your blog and say hi. I think you emailed me a long time ago to help me with my 12 week challenge. Thankyou for that. Since then, I had a second child and now have a very stubborn 10kg to lose... Kids!

Anyway, since I emailed you have competed and looked amazing. Wow, what an inspriation.

Hope to pop by your blog again soon :)


Valley Girl said...

I love the fact you just whip up these wonderful creation just like that, but I'm with kitty, a savoury whore, thank god, imagine my weight if I was a sweet eater~ STRUTH!

They looked good though!

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