Thursday, June 25, 2009

From cranky to awesome, just like that

Today I had a crappy day. I slept in, missed my workout, was late for work, had a booooooring day at the office, battled horrendous traffic both ways, and had to come home and play single parent again. Oh, and the scales went UP (....geez, not that way, you moron!)

I wasn't going to write a post tonight, because all I could come up with was endless variations on how sucky my horrible day was. But then Amanda reminded me on Facebook that tomorrow's Friday (yay!), I read Shar's hilarious post about the "wonders" of pregnancy, had a chuckle at a couple of other FB entries and then the phone rang and I got to have a good long chat with Liz.

So here's to my awesome internet friends - my crabby mood has been chased away now. The few squares of Koko Black chocolate that I ate after dinner didn't hurt a bit either. ;o)

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Shar said...

Glad your feeling better Kek, I bet the Koko black choc was the icing on the cake! (so to speak)

Ill keep a check on the 'experts' opinion about whats gonna happen to my body and mind during the next 34 weeks and maybe make theses changes and my thoughts on them, a weekly occurance!

Shar x

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