Friday, June 26, 2009


My scales appear to be stuck on the same number - or around 200g either side. This morning I'm up another 100g .....BUT the bathroom mirror told me that I'm getting leaner, so Mr Scales can go jump off the nearest cliff.

I may even do a Shelley and assist him on his way if he doesn't start to behave nicer.


Stephanie Davis said...

no change on scales + leaner in mirror = woo hoo muscle!!! ;)

Cheryl said...

Me to Kek, Scales suck!!!
so bad that today I didnt bother with them.
Yay it's the weekend, well almost.

Sara said...

What goes up must come down. Maybe you are gaining muscle right now. Are you taking creatine? Even Glutamine can cause a slight weight gain due to cell plumping. Don't fret, you will rock the stage, Princess!

Kek said...

No creatine, just good old glutamine, fish oil, BCAAs and so on.

Not worried, just a bit sick of the up-down-up-down game. Bah!

ss2306 said...

Yeah - F@#k the scales! You know if you've been consistent then your eyes will tell the true story.

I smashed mine on a big rock and it was the best feeling ever.

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