Monday, June 15, 2009

How did it get to be Monday again so soon?

One week of "official" competition prep down and things are chugging along nicely. All training sessions completed, food managed with no dramas, and I'm feeling on top of things.

Time management has had to be a priority to fit training in. Apart from having a reasonably busy week, Bike Boy is gearing up for the Around the Bay ride in October and needs to put in some serious time on the bike. Thanks to his work hours, far-too-frequent interstate travel and some crappy weather, the only sane way for him to do that is to use the spin bike quite a bit. So that's meant that I've had to make some adjustments...

So evening cardio on a couple of occasions and some earlier-than-normal starts have been required. Blah. But we're managing OK so far. Early nights will be the order of the day for the foreseeable future, but oh's not like I spend my evenings at glamorous parties and gala social events. In my pjs, snuggled up on the couch by 8:00pm suits me just fine.


I had a go at my sweet potato/date concoction yesterday, but the recipe needs work. Too moist and a bit heavy. Tastes good though. :p I'll think about it and give it another try in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.


Training's all done for today - cardio on the bike, then legs. I still have DOMS from my last leg workout. New programs....oh, the joy!


Jehanne said...

I love all your cool little recipes ;)

SeLiNa said...

I know I left a comment here yesterday.........
It was something like...
MMMMMmmm, I really hope you've got that recipe down pat soon... say, by about the 12th July ;)

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