Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to survive boring cardio

I loathe steady state cardio (yeah, I may have mentioned that before). It takes all my willpower to stay on the bike/treadmill/whatever for longer than about 20 minutes. The thought of doing 40 minutes or more of boring, BORING cardio makes me feel nauseous. So I'm particularly thrilled to have an entire week of steady-state cardio in my training schedule.

But I have found a solution. My spin bike is in my studio, so not near a TV. I'm not about to drag it out into the family room across our floorboards, and we don't happen to have a spare TV I can set up near the bike. Listening to music doesn't quite cut it for me, so the ipod has limited value.

But it suddenly occured to me last night that my laptop is useful for playing far more than just workout DVDs....

Two Buffy episodes and two cardio sessions in the bag! Nothing like some violent demon-slaying mayhem to get you all pumped up.


Bec said...

Go buffy!! I have a hepa of Desperate housewives dvds to watch, so what better excuse than to hop on the bike... I also bought a WHO magazine subscription so I could read them on the bike as well.

Have a great week :)

Fifi said...

Yep Kek, that's the only way I get through cardio. I've got an old TV and DVD out in the shed and my cardio is in blocks of "TV episodes".

Prison Break, X-files..whatever I can get. And if the episode ends of a cliffhanger...I might end up watching the next one and doing a whole 90 minutes!

Debstar said...

Steady state cardio - Now there's another reason why one would want to stab oneself in the leg.

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