Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I hate it when...

... I get to the gym and discover that I've forgotten my program notes. And it's a new program, which I've only done once so far, so I haven't memorised it yet.

At least I knew it was upper body. Got my chest and back exercises right, but forgot triceps. D'oh!


I was having a fat and frumpy day up until I went to the gym. In between sets I was hailed by a woman who I've chatted to before about the Body for LIFE challenge she's doing. I'd looked in the mirror earlier and saw only flabbiness and wobbly bits (and let's not talk about the scruffy hair and no makeup). SHE smiled broadly and commented that I looked really good, and asked when I was competing. Hmm.

As I was packing my towel and gloves back into my bag on the way out, I glanced in the mirror and saw no sign of fat, flab or wobbles. Just a small, slim woman who looks pretty good in a tight-fitting tank top and stretch pants.

I must remember to remove my fat goggles before looking in the mirror in future.

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SeLiNa said...

Wish that lady would visit my gym ;)

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