Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lies, lies and....more damn lies

This morning I headed to the gym so I could do cardio on anything other than the bike. I used the treadmill on Friday, so today it was a choice of elliptical or stepper. Kind of like choosing between a rock and a hard place.

So I did my chest/back/biceps workout (and can I say OUCH - if I can get out of bed tomorrow it'll be a minor miracle), then headed upstairs to the cardio area. I glared at the ellipticals for a few seconds, sighed and climbed aboard. I had to do a minimum of 40 minutes. 40 freaking minutes on the piece of equipment I despise the most.

There was a lot of sooking and whining going on inside my head, but I managed to do my time, in spite of wanting to quit and go home the whole while. How?

1. Every time I completed 5 minutes, I reversed the motion and did a minute backwards. Hey, it's not much, but at least it's a little variety.

2. I told myself outrageous lies the whole way through. Like:

Just do 10 minutes, then you can switch to the treadmill or something.

OK, that's 10 down. Now backwards for a minute, then you can do another 4 minutes. 15 isn't so bad....

Ah, what the hell, you're at the 15-minute mark, may as well do 20. THEN you can do the rest on the treadmill.

Woohoo! Halfway. Come on: 5 more. You can do 5 more. 25 is a good effort, that's all you need to do.

Well, after that minute of reverse motion, it's only 4 minutes now to the 30-minute mark. Awesome. That'll do for today!

Pfft. You've got this far, you can do a bit more - come on, 9 minutes to go. No stopping now.

It's amazing how stupid I can be. I fall for that crap every time.


Vix said...

Hey Kek,

Here I am, grinning stupidly and nodding my head thru your entire post. That is EXACTLY how my 40 mins on the bike went this morning!!

It can only get better from here (the day that is...I know we are gonna do the same thing tomorrow lol)


Cherub said...

Me too! Sounds like my inner voice - only sometimes I'm sure I say it out loud!

Kek said...

Er...did I forget to mention the muttering out loud part..?

Carolyn said...

Oh good, I'm feeling better now I know I'm not the only one who thinks in 5 minute blocks....and gives herself "permission' to get off after the next!!!

What is is with those ppl who stick a towel over the timer??? I just don't get that - I have sooo go to know how many nanoseconds I've got left......

Carolyn xs

Kek said...

No idea Carolyn, I've often wondered. Maybe it's their way of deluding themselves that there isn't long to go. I don't see how that would work though...?

SeLiNa said...

OMG! I sooo do that too. I love to trick myself, and duh, I always fall for it too :P

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