Tuesday, June 02, 2009

“Men trip not on mountains, they trip on molehills”

Chinese proverb
I've had several horrid days in a row and no inclination to blog at all. Actually, the inclination was there, but the words that came to mind would have sounded like Eeyore had taken control of the keyboard. So I simply chose to shut the hell up and sulk in silence.

Nutrition has been right on track - with a lovely meal out on Saturday night (yum, Indian!). But my sleep has been massively disrupted, and my motivation got misplaced. No idea where I left that, but it resulted in zero training getting done on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, although it was the last thing I felt like doing, I dragged my miserable self out for a walk. As I tell clients all the time: when it comes to exercise, something is always better than nothing.

Yesterday I hauled myself out of bed at an insanely early hour and did a weights workout, even though it was about the last thing I wanted to do. As usual, that helped push me back a little more towards centre. But I was still having a major pity party, until late in the day I realised that the old sleep thing was blowing everything out of proportion (again...). Things aren't that bad. My challenges aren't as huge as I think they are. Nothing is impossible.

So I put myself to bed early, and unbelievably, I slept the entire night through. I suspect that a few more nights like that will be required to really reset my equilibrium, but it's amazing how much better things seem when you're not totally exhausted.

This week's #1 goal, therefore? You guessed it: some more early nights.


ss2306 said...

Thought this might be the case as there's been "no show from Kek".

In the nicest possible way I'm kicking your arse. Sleep or lack there of it is no excuse not to do "something" training wise. Of course you need a day or two rest, but the rest of the days get up, get up, get outta bed, cheer up, cheer up, the sun is red, live, love, laugh and be happy.

I'm sleep deprived myself getting only 4.5 hours last night and not really wanting to train but did it anyway, performed better than ever and now feeling fabulous for it.

And beside, sleep - it's overrated. Plenty of time for that when you're dead!

Clara said...

Why is it that both of us seem to forget that sleep is a good thing? I've been using NyQuil to reset myself to Austin time, not Adelaide. :)

Kek said...

Um...Clara: because we're idiots?

Don't bother resetting yourself, just move here and you'll be fine. There's a nice place for rent just down the road. Plus lots of places to ride your bike, and I'd have a training partner. Yay! ;o)

Shelley, thanks for the lurve, but I seriously do need at least 7-8 hours sleep or my brain implodes. It's not pretty for anyone around me. This past week and a half has been a BIG trial for all concerned. I think it's over now, thank goodness.

SeLiNa said...

LOL - I was coming to say:
I agree, sleep is SOOOO underrated!!!! Then I read Shelley's post - LOL. She's a machine!!! (Hey Shell if you read this!!!)

I can charge through a few days of lil sleep, then I hit the wall which is what I'm guessing happened to you too :) Anywayz hope you're feeling bettererer. xx

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