Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mid-week catch up

It's freaking COLD this morning. And wet. It's been pouring all night, from the looks of it. So getting up in the dark at 5:30am is particularly appealing right now. *snort*

Thank goodness my habits are so ingrained now that (mostly) it's no major battle. I did my prehab stuff at home and was at the gym just as they opened at 6:00am. It was so cold that I didn't even ditch my jacket at all. Usually, I have to lose that by the second or third exercise, but today my thermostat seems to be broken.

Ah, winter....and we still have almost three months of this to endure. I remarked to Bike Boy this morning (as I was trying to thaw my hands out over the gas flame while my porridge cooked) that I need clothes made out of doonas. Now there's a fashion idea.


I have half an idea in my head for a sticky date cakey thing and I'm hoping to have a go at it on Friday. I bought the dates, plus a massive mutant sweet potato, and I'm working around those as the main ingredients. Could be fabulous, could be a disaster. You'll have to wait and see.


I think my scales are playing a joke on me. They sold me scales with a nasty sense of humour. Wonder if I can get a refund?


I've set my sights on the INBA state titles the last weekend in September, and am working towards that with the help of Miss Liz (otherwise known as Atilla the Hun's younger sister).

Probably should make myself one of those countdown thingumajigs.


Better move it - got kids to drop off, a specialist appointment, a coffee machine to pick up (Hallelujah!!) and something else.... oh yeah - I have to go to work today. I'll fit that in somewhere....


emharvie said...

There is such a thing as a doona suit... you guessed it, a suit made out of a doona. Can't remember where I saw it now :( but it was what I would call the Michelin Man look!

Debstar said...

My scales died. Good thing too 'cause they were really starting to piss me off.

Cinders said...

Ah, you haven't heard of the doona suit? I'll have to post a photo when I get the one I won in a radio comp! They look very toasty.

Sairs said...

Clothes made out of doona Kek??

Well ---- wait no longer!!

I am flabbergasted that someone actually took this to production, but nevermind.

Almost makes 'the Snuggie' look like a perfectly normal thing to buy and use. Almost. Actually, on reflection, nothing could do that...

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