Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slight change of plans

This morning I forgot one of my clients wasn't going to be available. So there I was, at the park, with nobody to train. I could have gone home, but instead I opted to walk a 4.8km loop of hilly terrain.

I got through it in 45 minutes - that's a pace of 6.4kmh. Bloody good effort, considering I'm sick as a dog AND that hill in the middle is a whopper.


K not Kay said...

So many people seem to have an issue with that hill... which boggles my mind...? It's not that big of a monster hill... Perhaps I should run up said hill though.

Kek said...

I don't have any issue with the hill - but it is steep and therefore slows your pace. Being sick adds an extra challenge.

And yes, you maybe should try running it - I have and it's HARD. ;o)

K not Kay said...

Ok, I will run up the hill when I'm there next (who knows when that will be). ;-)

It doesn't slow me down when walking up it, but of course running is a different story. :)

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