Monday, June 29, 2009

Snot-bug: 1, Kek: 0

But wait for the second half!

Not much to report here. My weekend was a dead loss - no training, no housework, no socialising, nothing but moaning and whining. And some sleeping.

Today my resident virus has morphed into a deadly snot-bug that's apparently trying to drown me from the inside, with frequent attempts to infect all around me via some violent sneezing. I prefer this incarnation to the previous one, where my head threatened to explode and my throat was so sore I could only swallow crappy food. That's my excuse anyway.

Things are on the up-and-up though: I got half a training session done this morning before admitting defeat. And even though I had nothing at all prepared in the way of food for today, I managed to eat well. Thank goodness for suburban Vietnamese takeaway shops - those chicken salads with extra chilli are just the thing!

My biggest hurdle the past few days has been drinking enough water - something I never usually struggle with, but there you go. Today I'm back to normal, having so far got through 4L.

Weight has gone more than a little ka-plooey, but I'm not panicking. Yet.

Coach has ordered a rest day tomorrow and I'm not inclined to argue. Come Wednesday though, I'll be fighting back. Meanwhile I'm hitting this lurgy with all sorts of stuff, on advice from my supplement guru Sara. Zinc, vitamin C, olive leaf extract (that stuff is not my drink of choice, let me tell you....).

Snot-bug, you're history!

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Kathryn said...

Vietnamese is the best when you're feeling sick. I love the chicken soup!

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