Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Is there such a thing as Wednesday-itis? Because I think I have it. Why can't it be Thursday already? Or better yet, Friday?

*waits for a miracle*

OK, looks like Wednesday it is.

I shall ignore the slight headache I woke up with. And the fact that I was robbed of almost an hour's sleep for no reason I can figure out (why on earth would I wake up spontaneously at 4:40am?). And my distinct lack of energy. And the scales being stubborn in spite of my best efforts.

I'm focusing on the positives. Like: training is all done for the day and it was AWESOME. Also? My pants are getting looser, so nyah-nyah to the silly old scales.

No fun-sucking here. Wednesday has to end eventually.


ss2306 said...

Hope the hump day turns into an AWESOME one for you.

LizN said...

Well stay AWESOME kiddo and I'll whack you with my paddle if you don't....

Clara said...

See, the threat from Liz would be enough to ensure I had a good Wednesday...I may go 20 pushups just so she doesn't whack me. :)

Kek said...

Clara, Liz may have some incredible skills, but wielding a paddle from 1500km away isn't one of them.

I feel pretty safe. ;o)

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