Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Yeah, baby!

My week is shaping up pretty well. Apart from the coffee machine breaking down. Being under-caffeinated has to qualify as a medical emergency, right?

Training has been all good and I have the DOMS to prove it. Nutrition has been outstanding; even lunch out yesterday was no challenge at all. I have now had two - count 'em TWO - uninterrupted nights' sleep in a row and I'm beginning to feel almost human again. And the scales have stopped playing silly-buggers, which they've been doing for over a week now *pokes scales* and are showing a much more sensible number, thanks.

I'm even back to my usual pattern of waking up at 5:15am without the alarm.

At this rate I may actually be behaving like a sane person by the end of the week.


Kathryn said...

Sleep - it's the best :D

ss2306 said...


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