Tuesday, July 07, 2009

And in other news...

FINALLY. The scales decided to co-operate today. 500g obliterated overnight. Coach said last night that she was going to stick her neck out and bet that there was a post-DOMS drop today. I replied that she should be careful about sticking her neck out, because you know, she might lose her head.

Seems she was right. Again. *high-fives Lizzie the Legend*

I'm cautiously optimistic that my body can successfully play catch up and that I'll be right where I ought to be within the next couple of weeks. Instead of dragging an extra 2kg around on my arse, like I've been doing.


Training is going great guns. I was marching along uphill on the treadmill this morning after my leg/shoulder workout, when it occurred to me that I'm back in my training groove. 5:30am wakeup calls notwithstanding, I'm doing it without any dramas, I'm pushing myself a little bit harder and I'm (mostly) enjoying it.


I had a moment of serious self-doubt this morning at the gym. There's this girl who works the early morning shift on reception at the Skanky Gym. She's young, lean, muscular and now trains at MY new gym. So this morning when I arrived, she was partway through an upper body workout with her trainer - who, by the way, is a mountain of a man, but that's not important right now...

I fired up my ipod and got started on my training, and was going just fine. After a few sets of squats I finally warmed up and ditched my jacket. While I was resting between sets, Ms Skanky-Gym Receptionist walked through my field of vision and MAN, was she pumped. Her delts were popping, her arms were awesome and she has the best V-taper. Her legs and butt were also pretty impressive. *sigh* I turned back to the mirror to start my next set and started to wonder why I was bothering with competing. I am TINY. Tiny, tiny, tiny. I must look ridiculous next to the serious competitors.

I stifled those thoughts and just got on with it. Then I moved onto shoulders - military presses, yeah! I got into position and saw a different view. Sure I'm small, but my arms and shoulders are a decent shape. And after four sets, with muscles nicely pumped, I looked a lot different.

I need to remember that comparing yourself with others is stupid. I have enough trouble dealing with the bunch of crazies inside my head without giving them extra ammunition to pelt at me. From now on, I might have to wear blinkers at the gym. You know, like the horsies do.


Anonymous said...

you wrote: "Instead of dragging an extra 2kg around on my arse, like I've been doing."

blood-y hell kekster! now i have an unacceptable mental picture of you dragging your own butt across the floor like dogs do. y'know what i mean right?


the awful thing is there is nothing wrong with what you wrote. the problem is all in my bent head.


i am ashamed.


Kek said...

OMFG!! Now I have that image stuck in my head.


Kathryn said...

Blinkers = awesome gym look!

(I was going to say horsesome but I'm resisting the temptation).

Cherub said...

lol you guys - I love the blinkers idea - not so keen on the dog. We were having discussions about getting a dog. Discussion over - mind made up. No way!!

Debstar said...

Ha ha ha. I just read what Kitty said, how funny. My dog does it all the time and I tell her it's not ladylike at all. You better drop that saying from now on Kek.

Plus if your arms/shoulders look anything like they do in your little photo then I reckon you are looking at yourself all wrong.

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