Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bad days happen

I'm not on speaking terms with my digestive system at the moment. All last night and this morning, it's felt like somebody has a voodoo doll Kek and is sticking a knife in its side. And then giving it a twist for extra evil laughs. Training isn't looking good for today, unless a miraculous improvement happens, pronto.

On top of all that, the scales have taken an upward turn these past two days, in spite of sticking to my plan like glue. I'm thinking that a bad case of DOMS and some extra salt are probably responsible, but I'm not thrilled about a gain of 800g in two days. Especially since that puts me in an impossible position for meeting the goal I was aiming for tomorrow.

Consequently I'm a bit down in the dumps today.

There's a tiny little voice whispering in my head, telling me that because I feel bad I "need" a treat to cheer me up. And that because my weight is up anyway, it won't matter. Some ice cream would be nice... I could take The Baby out - he loves to go out with Mum for a sit-down ice cream or cake session. Maybe a few wines with dinner tonight too. Or just some raisin toast with peanut butter. And a side of wallowing with that, thanks.

But the rational me knows that none of that will help - there will be a temporary sense of pleasure, but inevitably disappointment and a sense of failure will follow. Also, further weight gain, which is self-defeating, really.

So instead I'm choosing to remember how good I felt last night in my favourite tight-fitting size 8 black pants; to remind myself that the weight gain is only fluid and will reverse in a few days; to just take some damn pain relief drugs for now and look forward to feeling better tomorrow; and to take pleasure in small things. Like being able to sit in the sunshine, drink tea and read a book.

Bad days happen to everyone, sometimes a string of them at once. I don't always succeed at staying strong, but even when I stumble, I always get back up eventually and begin moving forward again. And that's the "secret" to success. It's easy to assume that successful people have had an easy path. Or that they have some superhuman ability to smash through obstacles that would defeat most others.

The truth is that the road to success is never linear. It goes up and down and sometimes does weird zig-zags and U-turns. There are steep climbs and rattly old decrepit bridges along the way. Occasionally there's a roadblock that stops you for a while. But as long as you don't let those things become permanent deterrents, success will eventually be yours.

So the whispering beast can just take that ice cream and shove it. I may decide to take a detour to Treatsville later in the week, but for now, I have my personal GPS firmly locked onto my original destination, thanks.


Raechelle said...

Hope you feel better soon hon! at least you are mentally working through it so you are half way there ;-)

Rebecca said...

Thankyou so much for commenting on my blog.

I hope that you feel better soon. I think that mind games are the worst. Just remember the size 8 pants... That is a fabulous achievement in itself.

Thanks for the advice. Little steps sound good. I will just chip away at my old habits slowly. I actually hate vegetables and the few I like I have got sick a number of times (like a virus) and can't even look at them now! Lol. I love salad so maybe summer will make things easier....

We can all keep plodding along :) Good luck.

Cherub said...

I know this driver can safely negotiate this road, however windy and unpredictable it is.

Ashwee said...

Aww.. sorry to hear that you're not feeling too crash hot. Hope it passes soon for you.

I'm starting my PT course tomorrow.. I'm a bundle of nerves and excitement!


Tearose said...

Hope your day gets better. I am feeling similar, but like you said, the pleasure of a treat will only be short, then the bloat, guilt and disapointment sets in...
heres to telling the monster to shove it!

Andrea said...

Good on you Kek! For not giving in. sounds like blogging about it has helped!


Sara said...

Just focus on the pants hitching. At times like this tell yourself that weight is absolutely irrelevant and what matters is sticking to your plan. You are doing great. Do you need stuff? I've got a new batch of WPC, less thick and also lower in sodium.

Kek said...

Aww, you're so sweet Sara ...some more WPC is just what I need to cheer me up. :o)

Shan said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. I loved your post - well said and such a good reminder on keeping the right attitude and hanging in there when times are tough.

Kitty said...

rebecca - babes i eat salad in winter! it's just like eating in summer, only the air around you is colder.


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