Monday, July 13, 2009

Behind the scenes

The figure girls onstage make it all look so easy, but quite apart from the weeks of training, tracking food, monitoring weight and measurements and practising posing, a lot goes on behind the scenes on the day. You don't just show up looking all glam, unfortunately - it takes some serious work.

You start off looking a bit odd, with weird dark orange skin everywhere except your face. The tanning process necessitates wearing nothing but black clothing - unless you want everything to have nasty brown-orange stains. You also need plenty of layers, because with not much fat on you and not a lot of carbs in your system, you're going to be COLD (and yeah, welcome to Melbourne, Queensland girls - winter is FUN).

Then it's off early to the hairdresser, to start the glamourising process.

Remember to take your food. Cold chicken and sweet potato: Mmm-mmm! By this stage ANY food tastes fantastic. Note: Do NOT drop your last bite of chicken on the hair-covered floor.

Ta-dah! The look is coming together.....

After arriving at the venue and getting through registration, it's time for makeup.

A helper with half a clue about this stuff is very handy. Don't look at me, I'm useless....although I can attach a false eyelash now without glueing eyelids together. Go, me!

Then you get naked and stand in the cold dressing room (where a steady stream of people keep opening the door and letting a freezing cold draught in), while your helpers apply cold Dream Tan. At least the slapping gets your circulation going.

Don't let your lack of clothes or Coach's tanning efforts stop you from getting those lollies, though! Sugar laid on free - and it's legal!

And remember to scoff a couple of rice cakes with honey. Don't forget to pack your wet wipes, that stuff is sticky. If your rice cake crumbles and falls on the floor, the two-second rule most definitely applies!

Then it's time to suit up and practice some poses. Shannon:



And pause for some quick photo ops for the annoying slapper who keeps thrusting a camera in your face...

Make sure you schmooze up to the coach...

Then get those free sponsor's outfits on for a quick shot.

If you're smart, you keep your toes warm....

FINALLY, it's time to hit the stage and strut your stuff.

To the victors belong the spoils!


Vix said...

TWO second rule?? Man you are a hard task master Miss Kek!! I have a seven second a little more leeway!! lol

On a serious note, I have said it a few times but HOW HOT DO THESE CHICKEES LOOK!!


Kek said...

SUPER-hot! :o)

Debstar said...

They are all so gorgeous. Congratulations girls.

SeLiNa said...

tee hee, I love this account of the day!
very kind of you to crop Shannon's butt out of the pics! lol!

Kek said...

Ultra-cute though it is, I didn't think she'd appreciate her bare arse all over the internet. ;o)

Anonymous said...

That is such a cool post about things 'behind the scenes'. Loved it. Erika

FlowerGirl said...

hi the pics. the girls look gorgeous! ive just started readin about competin..but am curious..why does everyone get such a dark tan? a light tan looks just as it because of cellulite? sorry if i sound rude, but just curious :)

Sue Heintze said...

Thanks for the pictorial Kerryn, girls are smokin'.


Stephanie Davis said...

Im a little late but that was such a cool post, thanks!
i can imagine what its like on the day with the lollies.. 'am i really allowed to eat these now???' wheee!

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