Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cavewoman report

Day 1 of Paleo went just fine. It's not a hardship at all, except in the brain department - I have to think a bit more about meals, especially snacks, because I can't just grab some of my habitual choices. But even so, it isn't exactly rocket science, I just have to be less lazy. :p No reaching for a protein bar in the afternoon, or scooping a handful of muesli into yoghurt.

I suppose if I was one of those people who doesn't like veggies, it would be difficult. But then healthy eating of any kind is pretty hard if you don't eat much in the way of veg....

So, what did I eat today? It went like this:

Breakfast - My one and only grain-based meal, the usual: Oats with whey and skim milk.

Snack - A new Paleo version of my souffle omelette - this one with apple and cinnamon. Yum!

Lunch - Calamari stir-fry, with lots of veggies, of course. Plus some chilli, garlic, ginger and lime juice.

Snack - Fruit salad - blueberries, strawberries, banana and passionfruit. All my favourites.

Dinner - Thai beef salad

And I'll grab a few almonds to munch on later. I could squeeze in another serve of veggies or two if I'm starving, but I think I'll survive.

Tomorrow I have plans to get creative. I grabbed a whole cauliflower this morning that's just asking to be turned into soup, plus I picked up some small eggplants, some avocados, half a pineapple, and heaps of lovely green stuff, as well as some salmon and extra eggs. And there's half the calamari left from today's lunch. The freezer is stuffed with chicken portions and frozen veggies and berries, and we have plenty of other good stuff in the crisper.

No excuse at all for not eating well, is there?


Maryanne said...

That sounds yummy - if only I had an appetite. I really hope it returns soon. This little baby of mine needs a good meal to have a big sleep so he will leave me alone!!!

Kek said...

Maryanne, you poor thing! I hope these remaining weeks pass quickly for you.

Unknown said...

Hey lovey! Can you post your cauliflower soup recipe? I'm interested!

Well done on the loss too! :)

Jadey said...

Your meals actually sound devine but the prep is probably the killer on this diet. No pre packaged stuff.

I hate veggies and yes it's super hard to eat well without them. I suffer them for the most part.

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