Thursday, July 30, 2009

Change of direction

You know when you have an either-or decision to make, but you just can't decide which way you should lean? Sometimes it helps to just stop thinking so much about it and wait for the answer to come to you.

My competition prep has been rocky, to say the least. Oddly, last year's was a breeze - although it didn't feel like it at the time - in spite of an enormous amount of personal stress and upheaval. This time around, my life is quite calm and settled, so I honestly thought I'd be cruising. Ha! Enter illness, stage left.

A couple of weeks in, I caught the cold from hell. My weight went up, it went down a smidge, it sat there and lazily refused to budge. I switched to Paleo, and down it went (hooray!). I came down with a mystery digestive problem and up it went (boo!).

And of course, the sleep issues I was having weren't doing anything to help me. I was struggling to cope, and not really having fun at all.

On Monday this week, I was sitting at least 2kg higher than I need to be at this point, with just under nine weeks to go. I might still be able to make it, but it would mean cutting calories significantly and probably increasing my training commitment further. I'm all about balance and doing comp prep the sane way. So dieting hard and cardio-ing my legs off goes entirely against my principles.

So I sat back, shut up and listened for the right answer. Which was bloody obvious anyway, when it came to me last night. I'm not doing the INBA comp in September. Neither am I doing the ANB comp two weeks later. I had a brief moment of disappointment ....but I'm fine with it today. I've known in my heart that this was the right move for a while now, I just had to let my brain catch up with it.

I had a quick chat to Liz this morning, and her suggestions for new goals for me eerily matched what I'd come up with myself.

So I'm now operating on Plan B. Oh.... what is Plan B? Stay tuned. All will be revealed. Right now I have stuff to do.


Unknown said...

keen to hear about plan b!!

Fifi said...

Yes me too! What's plan B??

When you make that hard decision and feel like a weight's been always know it was the right one.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are choosing health! Hope your tummy feels better and will enjoy hearing about plan B!

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