Saturday, July 04, 2009

C'mon! Get with the program!

For the past four weeks, I've been aiming to ditch some body fat in preparation for a September comp date. I've reduced calories a bit, increased cardio a bit and have been rewarded with....a big fat zero in terms of weight loss.

The scales went down, they went up, they stubbornly refused to budge more than a few hundred grams. Finally, some tiny, but steady losses started to show. Then I got sick and BAM! - weight swung upwards a bit more, then settled back to (Grr!) about the same place I started from.

It's been a little frustrating. I'm not usually one to be bothered by the silly games my scales play, but time is marching ON here, and I'm nowhere near where I planned to be. After a few days of letting that get me down, I gave myself a good talking-to the other day and decided that there was no point whinging, I'd just have to put my head down and get on with it. Yesterday, there was a 300g drop. That doesn't mean much on its own - I could easily be UP 300g again the next day - but it was a good sign, and confirmation for me that a chunk of body fat has left the building. How do I know?

- The mirror tells me I'm looking a bit leaner.
- When I clasp my hands together, my fingers feel bonier (yes, that's also probably fluid, but it's a classic sign with me that things are going in the right direction).
- The fat around my middle has gone all loose and floppy. Yukky, but that's what always happens at first before things eventually tighten up.
- My bra has extra space in it. Bugger.

So I have faith that things will move along eventually. I just wish they'd move FASTER.

Then, last night, Coach uttered the dreaded P-word. Paleo. *sigh* I knew this was on the cards if things didn't get moving, but my brain refused to believe that everything wouldn't just magically fall into place somehow. So, "a few days of Paleo" starts today. Yay....

My plan for today is to re-read my copy of The Paleo Diet for Athletes, and go shopping for some extra fruit and veg. Being allowed next to no grains or dairy makes things a little bit challenging for me in terms of snacks, but I have a Paleo pancake idea I'll be testing out later this morning.

This could be interesting.


OF COURSE, I got on the scales this morning and 600g has magically disappeared overnight. I knew it. Just threaten my body with Paleo and it starts behaving itself.


Carolyn said...

Yes, that word fills yours truly with dread too. I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to have a few P days in there myeslf just to kick things along....maybe even just psychologically....
Carolyn xx

Cherub said...

Keep believing. x

Kathryn said...

The paleo diet sounds awful. I'd kill.

And you mean the soft squishy stuff tightens up? I have something to aim for now :D

Bec said...

Well done on a little bit of loss. I can see how frustraing it would be. I just get a bit over it at times!

Is it true, once the skin softens and goes flabby then it seems to disappear and tighten up? Canuse I think I may be at that stage too... fingers crossed!

Good luck.

LizN said...

Paleo is only as bad as you want to make it to be...really. My dinner of BBQed calamari and steamed greens wasn't a hardship last night..really

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