Thursday, July 30, 2009

Come on: focus!

I did a lot of introspective thinking yesterday, and will reveal the results of what I thunk later, but I was obviously distracted from what I should have been doing, because:

- I got to work and couldn't find my glasses. They eventually turned up under the car seat, but that was after I'd spent the entire morning squinting at teeny-tiny print.
- I lost my ATM card. *Ahem* By leaving it in an ATM. I'm campaigning for moron of the year....
- I went to the supermarket, bought a few things, and realised after I'd left that I didn't buy the thing I specifically went there for.

I was a little worried about driving home. Distracted and ditzy behind the wheel in heavy traffic? Uh... I left work and remarked to the boss that I'd try to remember to bring my brain tomorrow.

Onto today's positives:

- Once again, I slept all night without disturbance. Three in a row - yippee!

- The back twinge has diminished to barely even there.

- I got to have some quality DVD time with The Baby on the comfy couch last night. With blankies. You gotta take time to appreciate the small things. :o)

- In spite of having a few frustrations yesterday, I stuck to my meal plan and ignored the voice that was whispering: Eat chocolate....


ss2306 said...

You a natural blonde?? (LOL)

I love how you are finding positives on even the shittiest of days.

Kek said...

Maybe I've been blonde for too long...

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