Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Excuse me Mr Brass Monkey - I think these belong to you?

I love my gym, I think it's awesome. Heaps of weights equipment, all new and shiny. Enough cardio machines that I never have to wait for one. Room enough to do pushups, mountain climbers or jump squats without thwacking somebody in the face. No crowds. And it's only five minutes from home. BUT....

Prefab concrete walls and steel roofing and NO insulation makes it - shall we say, a bit on the cool side in winter? A lovely sunny day yesterday meant no cloud cover last night, which means....yikes! The mercury was sitting just below zero this morning.

Inside the gym? I reckon it was maybe 2 or 3 degrees. I did my entire weights workout without removing my jumper and found myself wishing for gloves with fingers in them. And a beanie.

Can I hibernate under the doona for the next few weeks? Please? Somebody wake me when Spring gets here, OK?


Sara said...

Um.. didn't you spend a fortune on a really flash HOME gym?

Kek said...

Yeah but you can't do ALL your cardio on the bike (booooring!). And one of my cables, she is broke at the moment. Waiting on a replacement. *taps foot*

Anyway, I like to pop down there once a week, just to soak up the atmosphere.

Unknown said...

last week I did 'hot Yoga' down at a gym at Brighton. Today I did 'freezing cold Yoga' at my gym!!! Brrrrrrr

Shaboom said...

I hate working out in the cold too! Don't you burn more energy trying to keep warm?? lol

Thanks for posting your paleo pancake meal - I tried it for breaky today and loved it!! Perfect timing. Will be seeing you soon.

Kek said...

Glad you liked it Shannon...can't wait to see you shine. :o)

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