Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey! I'm not here for entertainment value, you know

Sometimes I think that there's a group of sick and twisted higher beings who control things. They like to watch us struggle and squirm, and every time things are going along nice and cruisy and we get a bit cocky, BAM! they pull the rug out from under us. Then they stand around pointing and having a good old side-splitting laugh at us as we lay flat on the floor, gasping.

After a really tough week of suffering constant pain and enduring terrible sleep, I was congratulating myself on doing so well in the training and nutrition department. I'd managed to withstand numerous onslaughts from my inner crazies who apparently thought I should just lie around and eat crap instead of getting on with my comp prep. Of course, that old saying about pride and a fall always seems to come true...

Saturday I had a very disorganised and busy day, and was particularly sleep-deprived after being woken eleventy-thousand times during the night. I overslept, had no time for food prep, no time for a catch-up nap and not really any time for ME. The result - unsurprisingly - was that my "beast" got even more persuasive and there was a fairly ugly scene late in the evening involving a large amount of chocolate.

I'm a bit sick of re-learning this particular lesson over and over. *sigh*

It's disappointing when you fail to live up to your own expectations, but sitting around wallowing never helps, so I moved on. Yesterday I got up and hit the spin bike, doing a particularly long and intense hill workout. I ate well, I organised all my food for today and at some point I discovered that my pain had finally gone. Yay! I was feeling cautiously optimistic. Bad move...

This morning the inevitable weight spike is subsiding, but unfortunately the pain is back. Dammit. I had to cut this morning's cardio session short because of it. There's zero chance of being able to finish it off tonight, because I have a weights workout to do then. Plus get dinner for the kids and myself, since Bike Boy won't be home till late. God, I detest Mondays. *grumble*

As for the higher beings.... I'd really like to get hold of whomever's running this show, because quite honestly, I think their management methods leave a lot to be desired. I think a shake-up of the board of directors is in order.

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