Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How much is a cavewoman-sized serve of veggies?

Half a cup? One of those little 150g individual bags of frozen veg? Ha! Not in my world....

Yesterday wasn't one of my best efforts - sometimes I manage to squeeze veg into breakfast and/or snacks. But it wasn't too shabby. This was lunch:

150g of chicken, 150g mashed pumpkin and a mountain of stir-fried red cabbage, red and green capsicum, onion and some garlic.

And dinner:

100g of salmon with almost half a family-sized bag of frozen mixed stir-fry veg and a bunch of fresh baby bok choy.

A small pile of peas and corn, or three little florets of broccoli looking a bit forlorn on the side of the plate? Pfft. That's what's known as "man-veggies" in our house.

I can be a bit slack at times, but Paleo is forcing me to shovel in those veggies, since that's where a big chunk of my carbohydrate has to come from. It's suprisingly easy, really.


ss2306 said...

I'm with you on the vege front eating about a kilo each day.

Go the veges!!

Shaboom said...

Hey Kerryn!!

Just checked out your behind the scene comp post. How cool!! You did such a good job with that - Lins and I had a good laugh! (Thanks for cutting my bum shot out.... had a giggle about the lolly grabbing shot - busted!!!) It was great having you there on the weekend. Thanks for all your support, cheering and awesome pics you took. Look forward to seeing you get up on stage. Might have to organise another trip to Melbourne :)

LizN said...

Yes,go the entire packet of stir fry veggies - I can't believe a 1/3 packet is a serve...meow!

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