Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My plan for world domination

My mission in life is now to introduce the entire world to the joys of the Paleo pancake. Those who doubt the tasty goodness of this piece of caveman cuisine* need only try a bite to be converted. Just ask Liz, who didn't reeeally believe that something so simple could be so delish. Until she took a bite.

Even cold, they're pretty sensational. Served warm, they're divine.

I'm planning on having one of these every day for the foreseeable future. That involves going through a scary amount of eggs ...maybe I should think about keeping chooks?

*So perhaps cavemen didn't exactly have electric mixers, but I'm not actually planning to go live in a cave, so you'll have to allow me some 21st century improvements.


SeLiNa said...

Hey that's my pancake!!! You can't share it with ANYONE! :P

Valley Girl said...

Thanks kek,
I am enjoying looking at all your recipes esp the 'paleo'nes as it can all get a bit hard.

As back to the basics we can go the better, Ahhh the good old days, there were hardly any over weight kids or adults...

Keep putting up those recipes!
apprieciated alot.

Kek said...

That was a seriously good pancake - almost a work of art!

Glad you enjoyed it. :o)

ss2306 said...

Peanut butter and icecream on top? That's caveman food too isn't it?

Kek said...

Shelley, if cavemen didn't have ice cream and PB, they should have. And don't forget the syrup!

Unknown said...

I was just saying to John the other day that I seem to be spending most of our grocery money on EGGS these days... My mum is about to get some chooks so I may soon be able to afford luxuries like bread and milk for the family (not that much of that passes my lips!)

I am just gonna go eat a paleo pancake now... It looks so good!

I really do wanna try and catch up soon! :)


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