Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the up and up

Today I'm celebrating the small wins. Things are improving, but as usual I'm impatient for everything to be GREAT. Right now, thanks. So I'm taking a moment to recognise what I have or WILL achieve today.

1. I got enough sleep last night. Uninterrupted too. Hallelujah.

2. My weights workout was a top effort.

3. I've reduced the mountain of washing that was piled up in the laundry and tidied the house a bit. THAT was getting me down....

4. In spite of not feeling my best, I'm still eating well and have not succumbed to the persuasive subconscious voice that tries to lead me astray.

5. Weight has dropped a little more, and I'm sure I'll be back at my previous low point in a day or two.

6. I'm about to go throw something delicious into the slow cooker for tonight's dinner.

7. I'm wearing clothes that looked awful on me just a few weeks ago, and feeling GOOD. :o)

8. The pain in my side may not have gone, but it's diminished to an annoying niggle. I can deal with that.

9. It's mid-winter and I don't need the heating on today. :o)

10. I'm going to find some time today to give myself a bit of much-needed pampering. I've been feeling really fugly the last few days. Time to send the fug into exile!

Better go get things happening in the kitchen!

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Raechelle said...

Hope you have a fabulous pamper session!

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