Monday, July 06, 2009


Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but I switched it to Saturday because that worked better for me. That meant that training looked like this:

Sun - legs & shoulders, with Kenpo-X for cardio.

Mon - 30-minute spin workout (this one had plenty of hill climbs - ugh) and chest/back/biceps.

I crawled out of my warm bed this morning at 5:30 wincing in pain. Glutes, hammies and quads were not happy. Yeah, deadlifts and squats will do that... And my back had joined in, from my waist to my shoulders. All that punching and blocking in Kenpo-X is dynamite on my traps.

So I suffered through every minute of today's training. Pushing those pedals round on the spin bike felt like trying to move my legs through half-set concrete. Chest was OK, but back - yikes!

Can't wait for the extra-bonus DOMS that's sure to strike tonight.


Food's all packed for the day. I'm doing great on the veggies. Today's lot includes:

Avocado (yes, I know it's a fruit, let's not split hairs)
Red capsicum
Green capsicum
Garlic (yum! Roasted whole cloves)
Green beans

And that's not including dinner.



ss2306 said...

My first thought was "sucked in" but then I thought I'd give you some sympathy. In your dreams!! God, I'm a cheeky bugger today aren't I?

Have a great day.

Kek said...

Would I expect sympathy from you, Shelley? ....Nope!

Don't worry, I wasn't after any. DOMS and I are pretty good friends by now. ;o)

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