Friday, July 31, 2009

Plan B

I'm still nutting out some exact details, but my Plan B goes pretty much like this:

1. Get myself back on an even keel health-wise. This one seems to be resolving itself, helped along by a few days off from training, several nights of continuous sleep, and the sheer relief of having made a decision. As a priority, I also need to find myself a new physio in my area and get some of my cranky muscles and joints sorted.

2. Drop another 1.5 to 2.0kg over the next four weeks or so to put myself firmly in the 55-56kg range, which is where I ought to be. And then practice maintaining that. I need lots of practice....

3. Drop another couple of kg temporarily for a photoshoot, probably in October or November. I'm planning a website revamp and need some updated photos. Plus it'll give me a nice mini-goal to focus on and prevent me getting too complacent now that the comp pressure is O.F.F.

4. Pick at least two events to enter over the next twelve months. I could go nuts and do a dozen, but in the interests of sanity, I'm keeping these goals low-key. So far I have the Mothers Day Classic in mind waaaay off in May, and Bike Boy and I are looking at doing Amy's Ride in Geelong in January - one of the road events, not sure which yet. I may do a fun run in late Spring or early Summer too, I'll see what appeals.

5. Competing is not off the menu, it's just been postponed. The new plan is to do a nice long, slow prep next year leading up to the 2010 INBA All Female Classic. Meanwhile, along with all the other stuff listed above, I'll be working on building a bit more muscle. My ambition is to have glutes of steel and lats I can unfold like bat's wings. ;o) Or at least an improvement on what I have now. LOL.

I have a number of business goals too, and this new plan should give me the time and opportunity to work on those, without having to become a stressed-out, fun-sucking hermit.


Operation Even Keel has begun today, with the following:

- A full night's sleep. Check!
- A decent, but not hard-core leg workout (treading warily with the back still...). Check!
- Sane eating. All planned, and no problems expected there.

Still to come:

- An aerobic cardio workout on the spin bike in just a tick. No mountain-climbing today!
- Some foam roller work and stretching.
- A relaxing evening with something entertaining on the TV. The Baby and I have recently worked through two seasons of Buffy, one of Dollhouse and one of Angel. We may have to do a repeat viewing of Serenity next. Or give up the Joss Whedon obsession.....

Positivity challenge update: everything is positive today, no need to go looking! :o)


Raechelle said...

Nice plan! and hmmmm All Females 2010?! We can contemplate it together! Love the glutes of steel ambition-and bat wing lats...LOL! Cheering you on from the tropics hon!

Unknown said...

Sounds great!! Sounds like a well thought out plan that will manifest itself in positivity! Well done! You're such an inspiration!

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