Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Q & A

FlowerGirl asked a comp question yesterday: why does everyone get such a dark tan? a light tan looks just as lovely..is it because of cellulite??

The tan shows up muscle definition, and under the strong stage lighting, a light tan would be useless. Competitors who don't use a dark enough tanning product look pale and pasty next to everyone else. This is one case where more definitely is better.

It's certainly not to disguise cellulite - hopefully by the time the girls get to the stage, there isn't any of that left.... It does cover stretch marks and scars pretty well though.


Ronnie said...

Hi Kerryn. I have started a weightloss blog and would love it if you would stop by occasionally.




Unknown said...

Hear you on the tan - back in my acting days, I thought I was brown enough not to need any foundation or anything when going onstage; though while I didn't need as much as the others, I definitely needed it! You really do have no idea how much of a reflector you look like in the stage lights O_O

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