Friday, July 24, 2009

Sometimes you have to listen

Well, something is going I'm feeling lean and mean.

Could be because I had a great workout this morning (in spite of the minus-two reading on the mercury). Could be because I had a decent night's sleep. Then again it might be thanks to the apricot slice and the souvlaki I ate yesterday. :p

Yesterday I was extra-tired. Then I went out at lunchtime to get a few things from the supermarket. I staggered back to the office (which is only maybe 300m or so), carrying something like 8kg of groceries. No biggie on any normal day. I got to the fire stairs, which I always use to go up and down the two floors to my desk, and I knew there was no way I was walking up there. So I took the lift.

At 3:00pm I went back downstairs to pick up my dry cleaning, and I felt as though I was moving in slow motion. It was like trying to walk through thick mud. Once again I took the lift up to my floor. My brain wouldn't focus either, I kept losing the thread of what I was writing - and it's not like I was trying to do anything complicated, just a simple admin task. Hmm.

This was one of those times when I really DID have to listen to my body. A sugary apricot slice and a strong black coffee helped. So did a fresh white pita with my dinner.

Today I'm all carbed-up and feeling bulletproof. If I owned a tank top with a superhero "S" on the front, I'd have worn it to the gym. I had to settle for my LJ Try and stop me tank instead.


Vix said...

Sounds like your body just needed the fuel Kek. Right now, I am listening real hard to my body, and I am pretty sure it is telling me it *needs* Krispy Kreme apple cinnamon doughnuts, or even a chocolate brownie. Hmm.

Ronnie said...

Kek every time you feel cr@ppy you are carb depleted if I remember correctly.

Glad you are feeling On Top Of The world today.

Have a great weekend.

Jadey said...

Woohoo Thats great news babe. So glad to hear all is well.

Unknown said...

Yeah- wasn't it cold this morning! I live near Coldstream and it's not called that for nothing! I'm a big believer in 'listening to your body'- although it sometimes shouts at me'liquorice!!!!!"

Unknown said...

You always say just what I need to hear.. I have realised that I am NO GOOD on super low carbs.. I can't think, I can't have a decent conversation with John, I have no patience and lose the energy to train (but moreso do household jobs as I usually push myself to train anyway)... But for me it's about finding what carbs work right for my body.

You were right when you commented on something I wrote recently about using oats and whey to get through a carb crisis.. I did that the other day in the middle of the afternoon and it was fantastic..


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