Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sucking it up

Weight took a bit of a hike over the weekend, which wasn't exactly unexpected. Not that I went nuts, but a few of the competitors lollies may have made their way into my mouth on Saturday. And I did have toast with my eggs-n-veggies at lunch, plus a few extra calories over the day. Given that my day began at 5:30am and I staggered into bed at 2:00am, it wasn't an inappropriate amount of food though. I also had a lovely treat of two magnificent Koko Black truffles on Sunday night, and the day included a couple of not-quite Paleo meals while we were out and about in the city. Still good choices though, and within my calorie limit, but a bit of extra starch makes a difference.

Add to that the fact that I simply didn't get time to drink as much water as usual on Saturday, and I was carrying a bit of fluid by Monday morning. Apparently about 600g worth. I was not pleased to see 57.5 staring back at me. *sigh*

Time is ticking away and I need to push my weight down, down, down. I'm well and truly back on the Paleo wagon and weighing practically every morsel of food I eat as well, as there is no room for error here. And Liz has set me a goal of being sub-56 by Monday. Eeeek!

Consequently, cardio has been stepped up a notch. Several notches, actually. Hence my she's trying to kill meeee! comment the other day. ;o)

So this morning when I was woken at 3:15am by my very insistent bladder demanding to be emptied, I was half grumpy and half Yay, there's evidence of more fluid disappearing! However, I did not enjoy the part where I went back to bed and lay there wide awake until almost 5:00am. Grrr!

Imagine how thrilled I felt when the alarm went off at 5:30. I didn't even consider not getting up though. I'm on a blubber-busting mission here!

So today I've ticked all the boxes: Weights done. (Seriously nasty) cardio done. Nutrition - couldn't be better. I even went back to bed for three lovely hours this morning.

As for the scales? Today they've finally decided to come to the party with a nice 800g overnight drop, which puts me at 56.7. Another 800g to shed by Monday? Pfft, I can do that.

I'm still tired, I'm sore everywhere and I have my moments when I'd really love to just open the fridge and eat whatever's there, without all the preparation. But there's no time to play the precious princess, so I'm sucking it up.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.


Unknown said...

Good on you Kerryn, you are so inspiring me right now!

I wonder if all the fat we are both losing at the moment is having a party somewhere?? Our fat may indeed be better at catching up than we are!

Kek said...

Now that would be one UGLY party, Ash! LOL.

Anonymous said...

oooh kek, we are the same! today i weigh 56.2 kilos.

what's your goal weight????

mine is 50 kgs.


Kek said...

Mmm, dunno about goal weight exactly. Under 52, I'm thinking. We'll wait and see. Coach will work her magic and probably predict the final number perzacly. I'm sure she has witchy powers.

Jehanne said...

Sorry I didnt get to speak to you - so much was happening and they really rushed us at the comp - being my first comp too - I was all over the show, lol.
I woulds love the pics - thanks - if you can - please send to my email -
Thanks heaps you are a darling! xo

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