Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today's the day!

We'll be heading off in about an hour - first stop: hairdresser, then registration at the venue. There are a few things to do before we go - more tanning, pack food (all prepared last night), check off everything from the multiple lists - but we're well organised.

Selina's looking good, but she still has the remnants of her cold, I know she's a bit tired and she's at that "I wish it was all over" stage, the poor little sausage.

Can't wait for the start of the show, that'll get the adrenalin pumping again.

If I could only get that Facebook/phone thing working, I'd post live updates, but my computer and/or phone don't seem to want to co-operate. :o( You'll just have to be patient and wait for the results later tonight.


Cherub said...

Have fun both, can't wait to hear all about it.

Anonymous said...

good luck selina!!! xxx

Valley Girl said...

Goodluck, how exciting...

your a great friend kek, enjoy your day!

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