Friday, July 10, 2009


I don't know what's up with me, but today has been a Hungry Hippo day. I woke up starving, and couldn't think of anything but my breakfast throughout my leg workout - in fact, I swear my growling stomach was drowning out my ipod.

Every two hours, it's been like an alarm goes off - in my stomach. I've restrained myself and stuck to my planned meals so far, but it's not quite 2:00pm and less than an hour and a half since lunch, and I'm already looking for more. And I only have two meals left.

I hope this means I'm burning calories like a raging furnace.

I'd better eat something before I head to the airport. If we get to the shops and I'm this hungry, I won't be responsible for what eventuates. I'm just saying.


Vix said...

Something is DEFINITELY in the air! I have been like that ALL day today...I didn't train yesterday either due to stupid flu so I doubt it has anything to do with my raging metabolism lol. Maybe it's the moon like Cath suggested yesterday...?

Unknown said...

There's def something going on here- I too have been scavenging for the past couple of days. When I'm sick ( like now) it often triggers the hungers. lol- come to think of it- when I'm well it also triggers the hungers!

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