Friday, July 03, 2009


I just got my arse kicked by Coach Troy. Ah, how I've missed that.... Yes, there's nothing quite like the gratifying feeling that your lungs may explode, your heart thump right through your ribs, your legs just seize up and perhaps breakfast may even make an encore appearance.

I wasn't actually sure I'd make it through, given how my respiratory system has been behaving the past few days, but I gave it a good whack. I'm sure there's room for improvement, but my performance was respectable.

I had a "moment" though - after getting through the warm up, some 10-second sprint intervals and then 3 x 6 minutes of excruciating high-resistance work, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. THEN Coach Troy utters the words I dread: OK, off the bike for some isometric squats.

My lip quivered.... I climbed off the bike and actually yelled at the screen:

I had the sliding door open to let some cool air in (because, gee, for some reason, I was a little bit warm?) - I probably startled the tradies working on the block behind us. LOL.

I had thoughts of quitting a few times, especially when the damn DVD started freezing on me constantly, but I squared my shoulders, put my head down, told myself to just suck it up, and saw it right through to the end. All 60+ painful minutes of it.

I'm back, Baby!!


A bowl of reviving oats & whey with banana and honey afterwards really hit the spot. I swear I can feel my leg muscles sucking up the carbs already....

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