Saturday, August 01, 2009


The weird food stuff is HILARIOUS. Keep those comments coming, folks!

It sure helps me to feel more normal.... :o)


Clara said...

And what's the spoon thing anyway? Maybe it's just me being a Yank. But I mean a spoon is a spoon. But I've gotten hollered at before by Brit friends for not using the correct spoon for breakfast. Apparently a teaspoon is only to be used for tea. Dude, some of us have small mouths! Needs itty, bitty spoon! :)

Kek said...

Everyone knows that you guys have no idea when it comes to table ettiquette.

But we're used to it, so we just look the other way. ;o)

Unknown said...

I have a phobic fear of polystyrene (sp??) cups I wont drink anything out of them.... it's evil with it's squeakiness and high injury probability... I have been burnt by hot soup at church functions and local footy games too many times... I also ate a plastic fork prong once... so they are out too...

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