Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm talking about a different kind of failure today....

I love lifting heavy, it makes me all warm and fuzzy. (Truthfully, it makes me hurt like a mofo, so there's obviously an element of masochism in me ....but let's not go there.)

The thing is, it's a bit of a challenge when you train alone. Yesterday, I was doing my 4-rep sets of bench press and decided that I really need to up the ante, because I've been stuck on the same weight for ages... 35kg was no big deal on the first set, so I whacked on another 5kg and tried 40. Hmm. I knew I still had more in me. Set three: 45kg - got two good reps out, then on the third really struggled to get it up (so to speak). I actually thought I was going to be stuck under the bar. I was willing my elbows to straighten up and finally got the bar high enough to rack it. Damn. That was close.

On set four, I dropped back to 42.5kg and juuuust managed my four reps. I know I could have got a fourth out at 45kg if I'd had a spotter. I may have to rearrange my training times and do my upper body workouts at home when Bike Boy's around to spot me...

Still, 45kg for three reps - that's the best I've ever managed on BP. And I just figured out that's ninety-nine-point-something pounds. 100-pound bench press? Just around the corner, I'm sure.

Love this sideshow "strong lady" pic:


ss2306 said...

Woo hoo - awesome job. I know exactly what ur takin bout. I've been stuck numerous times under the bar and having to ask someone in the gym if they could help me. That's why training alone sux and why I don't do it anymore. I can see 50 kg's loaded next week (hint) with bikeboy spotting. Can't wait to hear this new PB!!

Raechelle said...

Great work! But yeah-definitely need a spotter for that stuff girl!

KatieP said...

I cheat a bit and use the smith machine because I know I can hook on anywhere if it gets too much.
A spotter is a wonderful thing ♥

LizN said...

Well done Kerryn, I've done 50kg for 2 but I don't count it , was kinda crappy. Soon, baby, soon!


Debstar said...

Im not doing an Indian arm wrestle with you, EVER. That poor girl in the picture must be mighty uncomfortable wearing shoes while lifting weights.

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